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PCUSA and Abortion

During all the debate within the PCUSA about ordaining homosexuals and revising the form of government, I was surprised there was little discussion about another very contentious and divisive issue – abortion.

Apparently this issue was well-settled in the denomination, but I had no idea what that settlement was. It is rarely mentioned in the many Presbyterian web sites and blogs I visit. The attitude in my congregation is sharply anti-abortion, but what does the larger denomination think?

Now I’m sorry I asked. And that is probably why it is so rarely discussed.

The first hint came from a recent document from the General Assembly Mission Council —  headlined, “Women’s reproductive health under attack (and so are PC(USA) reproductive health policies!): The assault on women.”

Like many things that come from the PCUSA, this is a peculiar mix of hysterical left-wing rhetoric — “the assault on women” — and more tempered language intended to soothe conservatives – “PC(USA) policy is clear. It respects the diverse viewpoints that Presbyterians hold on the issue of abortion and the question of when human life begins. It respects the diverse ways that Presbyterians interpret the Bible.”

So it “respects diverse viewpoints,” but considers those viewpoints “an assault on women.” How can that be? It cannot be. One cannot “respect” people who are “assaulting women.” Like so much of what comes out of the PCUSA, it is window dressing for the real agenda.

And in fact the purpose of this document is to recruit more people to join the group “Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options.” So, while the PCUSA “respects” its pro-life members, it puts its money and its organizing effort into pro-abortion groups. If it really “respected” both sides, it would also support a Presbyterian pro-life organization.

This was just one document. I figured I should dig a little deeper, so I found the “Report of the Special Committee on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion,”   adopted by the General Assembly in 1992.

This is another example of how progressive Presbyterians give lip service to conservatives in order to put their agenda into action. First, appoint a committee with a “diverse,” membership. Then allow the conservative side to write about the theological underpinnings of their position. Then completely ignore them and pass what you want without restraint. They know the conservatives, being conservative, will not make a fuss, especially since their views were aired and they really, really, want everyone to get along.

There are many beautifully written sections in this report. Here is just one example:

“In the sixteenth century, during the Protestant Reformation, when the Reformed tradition of which we are a part was in process of formation, there was a sharp debate as to the relative authority of Scripture and the decisions and teachings of the church. The Reformed tradition, with other Protestant groups, affirmed that Scripture is the unique authority for the church’s teachings and life. Where another authority, such as a tradition that does not have a biblical base or is the result of human reason alone, is given weight equal or superior to Scripture, the church loses its way and begins to alter the revelation that has been given to us. Jesus then ceases to be the Lord of the church, and the church becomes its own authority.”

There is much of this nature, including a theological exposition (Position A on page 9, if you are interested) that strongly supports a pro-life position, saying, for example:

“The Scriptures clearly testify that not only is all life precious to God, but that all life belongs to God…. God’s ownership of life extends not only to those who have been born, however, but also to those still in the womb.”

A counter position is also offered by the pro-abortion side (Position B), but this is very weak, saying, for instance:

“Real decision making is one of the gifts of God to us as human beings…. It is also very difficult to claim that God’s intentionality is present in every conception when there are so many genetic deformities and such a high percentage end in miscarriages.”

Good grief! Yes, humans are given the “gift” of being able to make decisions, but almost all of our decisions are bad ones. The entire Bible is the story of humans making bad decisions. The only time we make good decisions is when we put aside our pride and “decide” to trust in the Lord – including “God’s intentionality” when a “genetic deformity” occurs. In fact, I know of a couple who had a “deformed” baby and that was the best thing that ever happened to them. It cured them of self-centeredness and taught them how to love and how to give of themselves.

The rest of the paper completely ignores the will of God and turns into a political polemic. For instance, the discussion of “problem pregnancies” morphs into a discussion of “unintended pregnancies,” as if anything that is not intended by humans is  “a problem.” God’s intentions are completely absent and not worth any mention. I am close to several women who did not “intend” to get pregnant when they did, but God had other “intentions” and their birth control failed. The result of God’s “intention” was not a curse, but a gift.

And on it goes. Once again, the report gives periodic lip service to the “diversity of views.” It provides as a unifying principle:

“The church ought to be able to maintain within its fellowship those who, on the basis of a study of Scripture and prayerful decision, come to diverse conclusions and actions.”

Right. But then it goes on to bind the PCUSA to a set of policy positions that completely ignore the principles of over half of the membership of the denomination (the committee conducted a survey that found only 26% of the members of the church agree that women should be able to get abortions for any reason they want, but that is exactly the position the committee took.)   Let’s cut to the chase.

The official position of the PCUSA on abortion is (among other things) that

  • There should be no limits on access to abortions.
  • There should be unlimited public funding of abortions.
  • People who demonstrate against abortions should not be allowed to use “abusive language.”

The public funding issue is interesting. Earlier in the report it says:

“… the church must remember that it fulfills its obligation to try to shape public life not by the imposition of law, but by preaching, teaching, and living its gospel. The church cannot demand that its ethic, which is born out of its faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture, become the law of the state (especially of a pluralistic state like ours) for all persons.”

It goes on to summarize:

“Christians should try to follow Christian standards of behavior in matters of private morality, but shouldn’t try to impose those standards on others.”

But that is precisely what it is doing when it calls for public funding of abortions. It is forcing people to pay for a service they may find abhorrent. Progressives have no problem imposing progressive morality on unwilling people.

There is barely a mention of adoption, and even then it is only something that churches should consider offering, not something that should be encouraged or funded by government.

Similarly, abstinence is mentioned only as a small element of “comprehensive sex education” in the schools.

So, there you have it. The PCUSA holds the most radical pro-abortion position of any major national organization I have come across. Every dollar you put into the collection plate helps to fund this agenda.

Next time: The Hits Keep Coming



  1. Lovely, Greg……just lovely. Keep it coming, and God bless you for spreading the truth!

  2. Greg,

    My wife and I have been Presbyterians for over 20 years. I think our church is very different. Our church is part of “The Confessing Church Movement within the Presbyterian Church (USA).” This is made up of Sessions of Presbyterian congregations who have affirmed Jesus Christ as Lord and
    Savior and who seek to live in faithfulness to His gospel. Have you heard of this subset of PC(USA) and if so, what percentage of the church is it?


    • Thanks, Chip.
      Yes, ours is too. And our church proclaims that it doesn’t send any money to the PCUSA (the “per capita”.) But I’m not sure that cuts it. We DO send money to the Presbytery, and I think the Presbytery fills in for the money we haven’t sent to the denomination. Plus, a recent experience suggests to me that the Presbytery administration is in support of everything the PCUSA does. I may write about that.

      I am looking at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and so far I like what I see.

  3. Thanks for the insights that are generally kept hidden from the congregations so that donations will keep coming. Many would be surprised to see what their churches national hieracry are supporting.

    Maybe you can clarify the differences in politics between PC(USA) and PCA. They can be confused, but I think come from opposite ends of political support.

  4. Greg,
    You should also know that since 1992 the PC(USA) through the “Board of Pensions” provides the ?benefit? of an abortion, anytime during pregnancy, for a $50 co-pay to all of the people (Pastors/Church Employees) covered by the plan. These benefits are paid for in quarterly billings to the PC(USA) churches and if not paid in full, all of the benefits are discontinued. These are the people in the church who should be counseling women to have the child that GOD has given them.
    I know because I used to be the check signor at a PC(USA) church and GOD convicted me to not sign the BoP check 2 years ago and then HE convicted me to not contribute any of HIS resources to the church, then HE convicted me to leave the PC(USA) for the EPC.
    to GOD be the Glory,
    Fred Hoaglin, Trinity Church (EPC), Hilton Head Island, SC

    • Thanks, George. I would join an EPC congregation in a heartbeat, but the closest ones are 2 hours away. I am praying for enough interest in this county to form one.

  5. Greg, this was wonderfully written. Thank you. Please see the Presbyterians Pro-Life webpage ( PPL has been weakened by the many pro-life Presbyterians leaving the denomination over other issues. PPL has been a vocal, constant force for advocating life in the PC(USA). Many of us wonder whether we should leave the PC(USA). I recently started a new PPL chapter in San Antonio, and the fact that 13 people in our congregation learned for the first time of the PC(USA)’s abortion policy and joined PPL in order to actively oppose that policy is the kind of encouragement that keeps me in the denomination. As long as I can enlighten souls within this body, I’ll probably stay and keep up the fight. Those wishing to join us–we need you and your voices and your donations–and your prayers. Marie Bowen and the staff of PPL have worked tirelessly for many years with far too few of these resources, including prayer. Please join us.

    • Thank you, Martha. I am grateful God sent you my way. I have signed up for your newsletter and will post a link to the web site on my blog. I urge you to include all people who call themselves Presbyterian, not just those in the PCUSA.

  6. Greg, thank you for addressing this topic so honestly. You clearly have studied the 1992 policy document and understand well how completely it fails to represent both those of us in the denomination who hold a pro-life view and also fails completely to reflect biblical truth about the value and dignity of each human life. You are speaking for many PCUSA members who hold every human life as precious, not because we have any value in ourselves, but because we are each created by God in his image and because we are each persons for whom Christ died. Our lives are not our own. We are bought with a price. Human beings have been given great liberty in decision-making by God, but we have not been given liberty in choosing to end the lives of others.

    As Martha suggested, please do visit the PPL website ( and find my contact information there. I would love to “meet” you by email or phone. Your post is a great encouragement to me today!

  7. amusing that they claim any restriction to abortions is an assault against women, yet most abortions world wide are baby girls. Who will defend THESE women against assault?

    Well written. The PCUSA BoP does allow a relief of conscience against abortion, stating that no monies from this congregation will go to funding abortions. It is a bit of a shell game, but if more congregations took advantage it might be more. The PPL website has more information.

  8. My wife and I are Orthodox, not because we have fled the disintegrating Protestant mainline churches (we were Episcopalian), but (for me) because the Orthodox make the most coherent and believable claim to be the “one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church” of the creed. So, as a professor at a Presbyterian seminary, my wife is to some extent “outside looking in,” and I am at an even greater remove. What I am hearing, however, should make Presbyterian leaders think again: a significant number of faithful people seeking ordination in the PCUSA are having second thoughts. So if they leave and go elsewhere, who will be left? Only the progressives, or whatever they call themselves, who will drive the denomination further into the ditch, to borrow a phrase from somebody or other. I think this describes what is called in other contexts a “death spiral.”

  9. […] […]

  10. Do you know any Liberal/Progressives? Here is an interesting Stat also from the PCUSA. in 2009 the PCUSA spent over $150 million dollars on insurance claims for church employees in their insurance program of that a bit over $11,000 was spent on ‘so-called abortion services’. At today’s medical costs that amounts to about 2 or three abortions out of coverage for 22,000 participating pastors and their families. This does not include the other church professionals covered under the plan. OBSERVATION eve Liberals know abortion is bad and are not practicing it in the PCUSA but they will spend millions posturing and politicking to make sure position papers reflect their un-biblical view and Orthodox and Evangelicals will match them dollar for dollar in a losing game where they are underrepresented by intentional corruption of the churches institutions. But the abortions are simply not present in number [yes those lives mattered but in this small number they could have been necessary procedures after a car crash where the unborn baby was beyond saving and the medical code for removal of this child from the womb is still the same for termination of the pregnancy. See how the devil inflates our egos and seeks to divide.

    • Jim,

      I am afraid this doesn’t surprise me a whit. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a big believer in eugenics, which was aimed at reducing the presence of “unfit” peoples, including African Americans. Abortion was never intended for middle class whites (the bulk of PCUSA membership), but for the “lower classes.”


    • Jim, $11,000.00 will fund between 24 early term abortions, to 4 late term abortions. So, the truth is that between 4 and 24 PCUSA pastors, pastors’ wives or daughters, or staff members chose to kill a human being created in the image of God. That killing was paid for by the offerings of PCUSA members.

  11. Jim, you said:

    “At today’s medical costs that amounts to about 2 or three abortions out of coverage for 22,000 participating pastors and their families.”

    Apparently you are setting the cost of abortion at about $5500 each. I researched the cost of abortions in Pennsylvania. It varies greatly depending on the circumstances and stage of the pregnancy, but the average in PA is about $500 per abortion. That means we are talking about somewhere around 22 abortions and this figure is for one year, 2009. Statistics about abortion show that 97% are for economic & social reasons. Only 3% are for the combined reasons of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

    Your comment that “even liberals know that abortion is bad” does not change the fact that the public witness of the church rejects any laws that limit abortion and that the Board of Pensions Medical Benefits Plan pays for ALL abortions requested no matter the reason, the only exception being abortions that are actually illegal (i.e. Partial Birth Abortion).

  12. Jim,
    I see your point, but I believe that we cannot be divided if we stand on His truth. The truth is what you (rightly) point out: even liberals know abortion is bad. Why, then, do they spend all that money defending something they know is bad? Are they so wed to the world, rather than standing against things that are loved by the world? No, I believe evil divides us by helping us to rationalize “just a few” deaths or “just a little money” when we should be united against calling evil good.

  13. Greg,

    In a wicked distortion of words the devil justifies murder. I pray that those in the denomination who go masquerading as angels of light will be expelled. The obvious course of action is for the many faithful congregations to seceed. Keep fighting the good fight.

  14. Hi Greg,

    Came here after your comment on Viola’s Blog. I guess I am disappointed you made this into a progressive vs conservative thing. You are in health policies so you should know that, roughly speaking a) just as many conservatives get abortions as progressives, and b) just as many progressives oppose abortion as support it.

    It’s just not a good conservative vs progressive wedge issue.

    I’d like to remind you once again that there is no entity that holds an opinion for the PCUSA outside of our constitution. The PCUSA has lots of committees, both conservative and progressive, and they each hold their own opinions. They don’t speak FOR us. They speak TO us.

    We are free to tell them to go to hell if we like. Viola does a good job at that with that Palestine group. (But I agree perhaps we should be more rigorous in making sure they all make this distinction clear, because I do think some committees like to give themselves more credibility by misusing or claiming the name-brand)

    We are a connectional denomination, but when you join the church as a member, you join a congregation that abides by the PCUSA constitution. That’s it. The amount of money that goes to the denomination at large is pocket change.You probably give more to beggars on the street. At least I hope you do. As far as health and retirement plans, our pastors deserve a health plan that is at least representative of the health plans their church members get. Why should there be any double standards? It falls in the same tradition as housing.

    And when you leave the denomination, you leave the community of faith you had belonged to, and nothing else.

    You got’a do what you got’a do, but I think the real question of joining or leaving your church should be whether a) can you support the constitution of the PCUSA and b) whether or not your own community of faith is in fact your community of faith.

    If the answer to those questions is “no”, then by all means find a place where you can pray in peace. Jesus is not a conservative or a progressive, and I am sure he does not care whether the community you choose to belong to is either.

    • Jodie, sorry, I don’t get here as often as I would like. Some responses —

      You write — “roughly speaking a) just as many conservatives get abortions as progressives, and b) just as many progressives oppose abortion as support it. ”

      I don’t know that at all. In fact, abortion rights is a mainstay of (political) progressivism. I doubt of there is 1% of people who consider themselves progressive who are pro-life

      You write — “The PCUSA has lots of committees, both conservative and progressive, and they each hold their own opinions. They don’t speak FOR us. They speak TO us.”

      No. This is a semantic sleight of hand. It is simply not true. The PCUSA provides material support to these committees, in some cases (like the “office of public witness”) it pays salaries and provides office space. The “Attack on Women” diatribe came directly from the General Assembly Mission Council. There is no similar support for Presbyterians Pro Life.

      My membership is important because when the PCUSA lobbies, it claims to represent 2 million Presbyterians of which I am one. It DOES claim to speak for all of us.

      In fact, this denomination is obsessed with politics. That is all it does as far as I can see. It’s leaders get arrested over the Columbian Free Trade Agreement and the debt ceiling debate, for Pete’s sake!!!
      It is poisoned with politics.

  15. Thanks for getting back to me, Greg,

    George Lakoff has written about the pro-life progressives. I take it you don’t hang around too many? Trust me on this one. My wife and I have been pro-life all along, and I don’t know too many conservatives who would claim me as one of their own. But almost all of MY liberal friends are pro-life. I do know two couples who claim to be supportive of abortion rights for others, but when they were confronted with mid-life surprise pregnancies, they both took all the risks and had the child. It was not even up for debate. Another couple I know were not so lucky, but they are phenomenal parents to their Down syndrome child, and she is a wonderful kid.They too are VERY progressive.

    People’s true beliefs and values come out in their actions, not their words.

    I have been a member of the PCUSA all my life, and my parents were missionaries for the UPCUSA predecessor of the PCUSA so I know what you are talking about. There seems to be quite a predilection for politics among a number of folks at the presbytery and GA level. Both on the right and on the left, but there is probably more on the left. They were much more on the left back in the late 50s and early 60s.

    Here is the thing though. They have always been completely ineffective at their own goals, irrelevant to the real powers that be, and out of touch with the folks on the pews. When was the last time a politician did anything because of the lobby of the PCUSA? They laugh at them! The only people listening to them are they themselves (and the folks over at the Layman). They have a thing for each other. Unemployed clergy and wannabe executives.

    People like you and me, however, who have real jobs, and go to church by personal invitation of Jesus Christ (I had quit some 25 years ago, but He chased me down. Long story) we have nothing to do with them.

    The only people who have any power in the PCUSA are the ones who have pulpits from which to engage their congregations. And most of them are wise enough to ignore all the noise coming from all those committees.

    Congregations have power too, but they rarely know how to use it.

    As far as I can tell, the only times the Presbyterian church has been effective as a denomination has been at the level of pastoring and ministering to individual church members at the individual congregational levels. In the past it used to marshal its resources to build schools, hospitals and churches, but that really is a thing of the past. A shame really, because we could use some non-profit private schools and hospitals.

    My point in all this is “don’t get distracted by the bullshit”. When you are praying with your congregation, or visiting and praying for your friend who is facing cancer, or he for you, when you drive to work and on the way in ask God to be present in all your meetings that day to give you wisdom and insight, to be His presence in the lives of those around you, and then He is, that is what this thing is all about.

    I would make it even stronger. We all get tested to see if we will walk away from the source of God’s grace in our lives. I don’t know why, but it comes with the territory. You pass the test when you keep the main thing the main thing.

    I’ll give you this though (if you are still there). You are convincing me that we should find a way to make people stop claiming they represent a body of people they clearly have no legal mechanism or mandate to pretend that they do.

  16. I too have just gone down this journey of discovery in the last 4 months while researching the BOP roc for benefit extension. . My wife and I have been members of our church for 22 years and I am currently a sitting Ruling Elder. I don’t know how this has been kept in the closet for this long but I think it will be explosive in our congregation. We feel betrayed by the very church we have so actively supported and served in. We probably won’t be Presbyterians much longer!
    Bruce Thompson

    • Bruce, I’m sorry to have missed your comment for this long. I so empathize with your pain at being betrayed by this denomination. I woke to the evils of abortion in the PCUSA in 2010, and have been humbled and ashamed to realize that Presbyterians Pro-Life has been standing sentinel to this denomination for so many years. When I attempted to pray for a post-abortive women’s ministry in my church, my PCUSA pastor told me that my prayer could “not be uttered” in the PCUSA because the PCUSA is “officially pro-choice.” I had been a member of the congregation for 19 years at that time, and never knew that the PCUSA supported such a death industry. This issue is kept in the closet precisely because it is explosive. I”m seeing my calling at this point to take the issue out of the closet at my Presbytery meetings, in front of my church, and to my friends. I urge you to consider contacting Presbyterians Pro-Life ( to see about starting a PPL chapter in your presbytery and setting up an exhibit for each presbytery meeting. If we all just keep leaving and hiding from the controversy, it will just follow us to our next church home. Evil never goes away. We must storm the gates of evil because Our Lord told us that the gates of hell will not prevail against him.

  17. Our church also part of CCM in Medford, NJ is now looking seriously at going to ECO AND we are apparently the only one in our entire Presbytery that is taking a stand vs. the PCUSA. The history revealed on this issue provides more conviction to get out of this organization permitting itself to be further shaped by culture. As for staying and fighting; Bonhoeffer gave his answer: “If you board the wrong train, it’s no use running down the corridor in the opposite direction.”

  18. Rich, I see your position and understand why you would want to leave. When you do, though, please, please continue to support the PCUSA renewal groups–Presbyterians Pro-Life, Theology Matters, and others. The PCUSA was not pro-abortion when it started. The evil will follow you even into ECO or EPC. You need these witness/sentinel groups to show you the signs so you can stay on the right train. Trust me–the creeping evil is subtle and will be at your doorstep before you know it. The change in denomination is just fresh meat for the Evil One.

  19. Thanks Martha: It has been said; “this is all about trust.” However, your reminder of Evil finding the doorstep is exactly the issue. It has taken 15 months and careful framing that the issue is Christ and not merely 10-A or any political issue. Get a side by side of Book o Order and begin to understand the very large deletions of paragraphs of protections and provisions that provided for congregations; now gone. In another year, marriage will be redefined (as almost happened in 2012) and another section of the bible inconvenient to PCUSA will be torn from the bible again. May Christ lead you strongly in your church.

  20. Martha, a lot has happened since my comment. In Jan., (after three months effort), it finally came to a vote with our Session to withhold per-capita in response to the abortion issue within PCUSA. Amongst our Elders the vote passed to withhold but when our Pastors voted it changed. Two of them voted to NOT withhold which left it a tie vote and then our Interim Senior Pastor voted to break the tie to Not withhold. So, our church became a knowingly and voluntary finacial supporter of abortion. In trying to understand how three “conservative” pastors could all vote this way I found in the Whitewater Valley Presbytery minutes a possible answer. The formation of an Administative Commitee for overseeing congregations that are considering Denominational Discernment, (ie. leaving PCUSA.) In the language of the policy was a statement reminding the pastors they were Presbytery members, not members of the local church, and as such could be removed from their position for involvement in leading the congregation away from PCUSA. So it would seem as though our three “conservative” pastors fear man more than God!

    • Bruce, thank you for the update. I am so sorry to hear about this. What does it say when pastors are more worried about their pensions than about babies being murdered or fidelity to the Word of God?

      Of course, what does it say about us that we accept these results? May God forgive us for our passivity!

      Greg Scandlen

  21. Bruce, I, too appreciate the update. I am reading a wonderful book called “Innocent Blood” by John Ensor. He makes just that point about fearing man more than God. He asks, “Clearly, if we are to do what is right in th eyes of the Lord then we must, when faced with the imminent death of the innocent, fear God more than man and let our faith in him quicken into courage.” and “Abortion, like lynching, is the shedding of innocent blood, is it not? Have you made peace with it?” What a condemnation! I have NOT made peace with it, and am fighting, but I realize I’m not fighting hard or loud enough. I’m to the point that I often do not take communion at my (PCUSA) church because I believe it is fouled. I believe you are right to leave if you can. I cannot yet, but as soon as the Lord shows me the door, I’m out. I believe I’m still showing other survivors of this shipwreck where the life boats are, and I’ll get out as soon as others are safe.

  22. Thank goodness my pension is not vulnerable to any way I vote in Session or in Presbytery, so I cannot say I know what it is like to walk in a pastor’s shoes whose pension is so vulnerable.

    But I have to say, at my age, if someone tries to put their hand on my pension, I will cut that hand off.

    So, what would we have our pastors do, if they loose their pension for taking an unpopular church-political stand? Should we establish a special retirement fund for pastors defrocked or removed by reason of voting their conscience and not with the herd? It’s the least we could do if that is what we expect of them. Can we make the fund go both ways, support both liberals and conservatives?

    • Very good point, Jodie. It’s remarkable that the PCUSA uses pensions as a club over the political/theological views of its pastorate. Most businesses long ago switched to “defined contribution” programs where the account holders own their own funds. The PCUSA prefers its employees and associates to be like serfs begging for favors from their master. And this is “progressive?”

  23. So it is really true the PCUSA uses pensions “as a club” over pastors? maybe if a fact, explains many of the actions of our pastor (age 62) and why we have such difficulty in finding any leadership (0) from him.
    Our church is sinking, and he seems completely numb to it.

  24. Greg, once again, I have come to this blog to help wrap my head around thePCUSA policy on abortion. I am discussing it with my Session and find it very helpful in answer to their statements such as “the PCUSA policy says we should limit abortion. See? It says right here…..” Thanks!

    • Martha, I would love to see where that “right here” might be. I have never seen it. God bless you for your work.

  25. […] has one of the most radical pro-abortion positions of any organization I have encountered. I have written about this before.  Now it has even refused to support a resolution condemning the murder of babies who […]

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