Posted by: gmscan | July 16, 2011

Morning Center Project

I just received this note from James Lansberry of Samaritan Ministries:

Greetings Greg,

I’m writing to inform you that Samaritan Ministries has recently launched a new project called the Morning Center Project

I am reaching out to some key people – such as yourself – who would be willing to lend their talents towards helping get this project off of the ground.

Just for a little background, the Morning Center project will establish full service maternity hospitals around the country that will offer free care to expectant mothers who need it – offering a wide spectrum of services, including: complete prenatal care, counseling, mentoring, and professional photography that celebrates the joy of new life. For too many women facing a life-changing pregnancy, after Christians urge her not to abort the life that is within them, the only financial “help” they receive is a recommendation to apply for a government program. We need to change this.

These hospitals will be completely charitable – they will not accept government funding. This is important because as the boundaries of the conscience clause for doctors and professional medical staff continues to be constricted there needs to be an alternative that will allow doctors and nurses to minister to those who need help while not compromising their convictions and principles.

Attached to this email is a press release that went out recently reporting this new project that I am heading up. Please read it and visit our website and see if this is something that you should be involved in. I am looking particularly for key influencers and people with a strong desire to take the prolife battle from attacking abortion at the supply side (overturning Roe v. Wade) to attacking it from the demand side (providing a better alternative to having an abortion).

It’s time for a new dawn in health care!

Some of the practical needs we currently have are selecting a city where the pilot hospital should go, raising financial and material support and spreading the word about the Morning Center to the audiences who need to hear about this project. Can you help?

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you, and would be honored to discuss this further with you through email or over the phone.

James Lansberry

Executive Vice President

Samaritan Ministries International

These are two pro-active projects that actually put Christian values into effect.

The Morning Center will convert the pro-life message into pro-life action by helping young women at every stage of their pregnancy and childbirth, nurturing both mother and child.

Samaritan Ministries has been around for a long time. It helps its Christian members obtain needed health services, not though insurance, but by sharing resources on a voluntary basis.

I urge you to explore both of these opportunities to bring the Gospel to life.

To find out more, e-mail James Lansberry at



  1. A worthy project. Does it minister only to unwed mothers? Poor married couples probably also have abortions for financial and related reasons. They might place their hospital where there are a high rate of abortions by married women.

  2. Definitely want to help even the poor who are married! We don’t plan to ask for income information or such, and we want to reach out to as many women with the Gospel as possible. Check out our website at and send us a note to get on our mailing list. We plan to announce the city selection for our pilot hospital in November.

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