Posted by: gmscan | March 27, 2013

He Is Risen!

No other words in Christianity leave me in such wonder and awe.

This is not to pass over what man did to the Son of God on the cross. God himself walked among us for a few years and we – not the Jews, not the Romans – all of us, killed him and denied him. We would do it again today. We habitually brutalize those who refuse to conform to our society, whatever the standards of that society might be at the moment.

The Disciples were crushed. They had such hope that Jesus would rescue them. How could this happen? How could they have been so wrong? What will they do now?

This is all pretty familiar to us. We often see how quickly the mob switches from “Hosanna!” to “Crucify!”  We have seen our moral leaders and political leaders imprisoned and gunned down in the streets. We know despair. We know hopelessness.

What is completely foreign, unexpected, baffling beyond description is the Resurrection. Imagine if Martin Luther King, Jr. got up from his grave and met with his followers, ate with them, gave them final instructions, and then ascended into Heaven. Imagine if he was not a ghost or a spirit, but every bit as much a man as he ever was. Imagine if he showed you the bullet wound. Of course, Dr. King could not do this. Only one person who ever existed could do it.

There are no words for this. All I can do is drop to my knees in awe and praise the Lord for allowing me to know of this. What a blessing!

Have a joyful Easter!


BTW, Ben Domenech of The Transom posted this wonderful quote from Richard John Neuhaus the other day –

“And yet forgiveness costs. Forgiveness is not forgetfulness; not counting their trespasses is not a kindly accountant winking at what is wrong; it is not a benign cooking of the books. In the world, in our own lives, something has gone dreadfully wrong, and it must be set right. Recall when you were a little child and somebody—maybe you—did something very bad. Maybe a lie was told, or some money was stolen, or the cookie jar lies shattered on the kitchen floor. The bad thing has been found out, and now something must happen, something must be done about it. The fear of punishment is terrible, but not as terrible as the thought that nothing will happen, that bad things don’t matter. If bad things don’t matter, then good things don’t matter, and then nothing matters, and the meaning of everything lies shattered like the cookie jar on the kitchen floor.”



  1. I just attended a great Easter service and sermon from Rev. Andy Standley. His message on an old story was a challenge for us to move from believing in Jesus to “TRUSTING” in Jesus. It does make a remarkable difference.

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