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Prayers From the Food Bank

I’ve been volunteering at the local food bank for the past year. We are privately funded, mostly by local churches. We often invite clients to put in prayer requests. We’re not especially systematic about this, and sometimes forget to ask, but then someone’s desperation is so obvious that we are reminded again.

In looking over these requests from the past couple of months, I was struck by a couple of things –

  • Most of the time, people are not asking for prayers for themselves, but for friends and family members.
  • When they do request prayers for themselves, the requests are extremely modest – find a job, get through some medical treatment, find a better home, get over an addiction. Only one person prayed to win the lottery and that was so he could get his old house back.
  • Very often they are confident that God will indeed help them through their times of trouble. Their faith is strong.
  • These prayers are often answered.

These are beautiful people and I am grateful that I can contribute to their healing if only in a little way.

If you would, please join us in these prayers. I am not using people’s names because I don’t want to embarrass them or violate their privacy, but the Lord knows who they are and what is in their hearts.


January 2, 2014

My son – health & mental help. Let go of demons. God help him.


N—- is having trouble with colon. Please, Lord, I’m praying for healing and your will be done.


D—–, job

A—–, find a job


Thank you, God for all the wonderful people who work here. God bless.




January 6, 2014

S—- W—— has been in York trauma since Dec 21, 2013


J— Y—



January 9, 2014

Please Lord, help C——– with her car troubles and help those shopped here and didn’t want to trust your saving grace and love that you have to offer to those who surrender to you/


Husband’s health and sobriety.

Daughter’s mental health

Friend w/ thyroid cancer

Friend who lost twins


January 10,2014

Pray for my son and girlfriend and baby to get along and healthy baby


O——– going through a custody battle


January 13, 2014

C— addicted to pain medication and in a clinic to get off his addiction!!!!


Touch the heart of employer whom I have put application in with. Bless me with your will in obtaining employment. I need a second job to maintain. Lord, just allow your will to be done in my life. Amen. I am thankful for everything.


January 14, 2014

S——‘s new baby coming. Hope and pray that the child is healthy.



R—— pray to get off her pill addiction, and for R—– going through domestic relations. Help them work things out. No jail for him.



Pray for my son R—— with his court things, child support, and getting his paperwork.


January 16, 2014

C— getting his job at T— for his family and income and pray that he knows Jesus as his personal savior.


B—- D—– family

Motorcycle accident, pelvic broken in 4 places, boys ADHD


Pray for the backpack program (NOTE: this is a program sponsored by the food bank that gives school kids food to take home on Friday so they can eat over the weekend) and the children that have to go through this life style.


Pray for A—- that she stops smoking and that the patches work in her life.

Pray for D— to stop drinking and to know the Lord and surrender to your will.


January 17, 2014

D— K—-

Pray for business D- M—– P—-.



Pray for my grandson & for my daughter. She had a heart attack.


January 24, 2014


Please God, let me find a new home since I had a fire and please let me get a job soon. Thank you!   I—- (son) K—- (BF)


Lord God & Jesus, watch over our good friend in the after life. His name is G—– D—–


Please, God, help me through the situation I’m in. Please bless us with smooth move back to ND, and please help my husband find a job.

Thank you, C—— C—-


Prayer request for D—— H—– need a job and W—– S—-.

D—- S—-


January 25, 2014

P– & N— M—–

Housebound & bed ridden


W—- R——-

Full time help – need a place to live.


My prayers are for all, as well as my enemies. Pray those that must find the Lord and pray 4 forgiveness mean it and change for the better within. I wish all well. Grudges and hatred are not good, forgiveness is to an extent. Amen


Please pray for my family. Our car broke down, my husband lost his job and just found out we are having our 7th child.


January 29, 2014

Pray for K—, T— L—–, having problems in relationship and J—‘s addiction to porn.


January 30, 2014

I need prayer, need to obtain employment.



I pray food help.



Pray for my family and my son and pray that I get to go back to school.


February 10, 2014


Please pray for the family of the funeral she went to for the loss of their family member.



For myself and for a job and a home.


February 11, 2014

V—— for surgery.



Children w/ disabilities. Dad w/ medical issues, my sister w/ medical issues.


A—- in hospital, not knowing what is going on.



B—— E– & B—— G—— please pray for these two people, COPD and stoke.


T—-, Thurs for catheter & diabetes and nerve problems


February 20, 2014

M——‘s mother P—- just lost her father end of last year. Pray that she gets thru the estate sale this weekend.


D— B—–

Money, new job, peace.


S— N——-

Pray for our daughter going to school in Pittsburgh. May God keep her safe and may she keep God close to her heart.


Pray for K—– S—— & her baby to come.


Pray for the E—- Children to stay healthy & their baby brother who is on his way soon.


February 21, 2014

S—– N—–, infant medical conditions


D—–, surgery (bowel resection)


M—, family to get spirit of God in them – go the right way.


L—- & K—-, my grandbabies.


B—– R———-, God knows circumstance. Thank you.


February 24, 2014

That M—— C—– and I win the lottery. Top Prize. Also that I can buy my old house, move back in, and be OK

R—– S—-


February 25, 2014

Lord, Pls grant me a new townhouse to dwell in peace & safety in. You know my heart as w/ other desires for a husband & good health & anything else you feel I am worth of receiving. Thank you for your blessings, Lord.


Lord, thank you so much for the food and people who work here. Also would pray for my family and friends. Very thankful for everything. God bless people who have helped me.

J—- W—-


N—- F— had a heart attack in Sept. having some difficulties. Pray for me and my family, and a little baby named W—— who has cancer at 10 months old. Thank you.


Lord, please help me and my family find a comfortable safe new home, please. Thank you.

B—— S—-, V— B—-


K—- & K—

I just wish she’d respect me and I wish the best for her. I love her.


February 28, 2014

Pray for D——‘ s sister B—-, heart attack.



Pray for employment or extended employment benefits.


Aunt T— continue Recovery!

E—– G——- Port wine stain covering his face. Please pray that there are no health issues to come from it.



March 4, 2014

J—– & A— S——-

Pray for our son, he is going into the Marines.


J—- M——

Please pray J—‘s arm heals fast and keep her steady on her feet to prevent her from falling again! Keep her safe and let God’s grace embrace her.





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