Posted by: gmscan | June 26, 2014

The PCUSA Becomes a Parody


UPDATE: “Parody” turns out to be an apt headline. Some of the examples posted on the “Naming His Grace” blog turn out to be just that. To get the latest, go to

Unfortunately all of the rest remains true, alas.


At its recent General Assembly in Detroit, the Presbyterian Church (USA) became a mockery of Christianity. If there is a Lefty cause anywhere, you can bet the ol’ PCUSA will embrace it. But it is more than politics. The denomination has also adopted a 1960s style hippy love-in culture with an “if it feels good, do it” message.

First the politics –

Divestment from Israel.

The Denomination voted narrowly to divest from three companies doing business with the Israeli government — Motorola, Caterpillar, and Hewlett-Packard. By itself this doesn’t sound that bad, although all three are outstanding companies that pay excellent wages to American workers and help our balance of trade problems. But it came in the context of the PCUSA’s distribution of two blatantly anti-Semitic documents – The Kairos Paper, which I’ve written about here,  and the even worse “Zionism Unchained.”

Virtually the entire American Jewish community, even the left-leaning J Street, has expressed alarm and outrage at these actions, but the PCUSA was unconcerned. The rabid anti-Semites in the denomination are complacent about hundreds of Christian girls being kidnapped in Nigeria, about soccer fans being slaughtered in Kenya, about a Christian mother being imprisoned in in Sudan, and Christians throughout Syria and Iraq being executed. It chooses to focus instead on the only democracy in the Middle East protecting itself from terrorism. See this article  and this.

Homosexual Issues

First it was ordination of homosexual pastors, now the PCUSA has overwhelmingly endorsed performing same-sex weddings, violating the clear instructions of Scripture. Sure, attitudes in the United States are changing, but Christians are not supposed to conform themselves to “the world,” but help conform the world to God. Our job is not to make ourselves more popular with the passing fancies of secular society, but to witness to the Word of God, no matter the cost. See this article  and this.


The PCUSA has one of the most radical pro-abortion positions of any organization I have encountered. I have written about this before.  Now it has even refused to support a resolution condemning the murder of babies who manage to survive and abortion – the kind of activity that sent Kermit Gosnell to prison. See this article.

All of this is tragic, but it turns into comedy when we look at some of the groups finding homes under the PCUSA umbrella of “Worshipping Communities.” Viola Larsen cites some in her “Naming His Grace” blog including these –

Bi-Cycling For All

A place to find and know God for the bi-sexual community while emphasizing the unitarian concepts embodied in the primary geometric symbol of bicycles, round wheels, round gears, and a chain connecting the unity of the drivetrain. We will work diligently to advocate for full inclusion of bisexual individuals into the life of the church, including ordination, bisexual marriage equality, and recognition that Jesus was bisexual.


Fellowship for All Species

The Fellowship of All Species gathers to worship the Creator of All— not just the human species. We will work for full inclusion of all animal species into the life and witness of the PC(USA). Our desire is to recognize that every living, breathing creature upon this earth is welcome in the church and can serve the church in varied and unique ways, giving witness to the Creator.

Have I told you how grateful I am that the Spirit came and freed me from this preposterous bunch of heretics?



  1. I am still in the fray pointing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus

  2. Greg, you had better reread my posting with updates. There are a couple of hoaxes there.

    • YIKES! Thank you for the notice and than God that things aren’t as bad as they seemed. My headline of “parody” is more apt than I realized.

  3. Greg,

    It may be that the Holy Spirit freed you, but you are back again, tackling the same ole tar baby, this time as an outsider. I may have mentioned this before, but if I did, it bears repeating. It is important, for your own spiritual well being, that once freed you not look back. In any way. You really don’t want to become one of the many people who have “left” but who can’t seem to move on. Neither in nor out is the worst and most soul depleting place to be. If the Holy Spirit has led you out, it’s because He has someplace else He wants you to be. Go! Find that place! And find the Joy in it.

    • What an odd comment. Jodie.

      Surely you’re not saying that because I am no longer a member of the PCUSA I should not comment on its activities? I’m not a Catholic, but have commented quite a bit on Pope Francis. Indeed, the PCUSA has plenty of comments on what Israel is doing without themselves being either Jewish of Palestinian.

      • Greg, you have never invoked the name of God to describe yourself being freed from the Catholic Church as you have on several occasions described your relationship with the PCUSA. But if you had, I would say the same about your comments about the Pope. It’s not a trivial thing to be set free from something. If the Holy Spirit sets you free from a drinking addiction, for example, (and that does happen on occasion), you should not thereby start experimenting with drinking again.

      • It’s actually a core principle of our Faith going back to Abraham’s call to leave Ur. It gets picked up again with the story of Lot being rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah. They were told not to look back, and when his wife did look back she was turned into a pillar of salt. The principle is sprinkled all through the Scriptures, and is echoed again by Jesus, for example, when he teaches about being freed from unclean spirits in Mathew 12:43-45. We are taught that when the Spirit sets us free and tells us to ‘go’, we pack our bags, let go of what was holding us back, and we go. No fuss no muss. If not, then our final condition is worse than when we started. When you look back at the PCUSA, you are doing just that: looking back. It’s for situations such as yours that all those warnings have been posted.

  4. Very interesting insight, Jodie. I appreciate the lesson. I confess that I felt unclean while writing that piece.

  5. […] as noted free market health care expert Greg Scandlen at on Tuesday wrote that there are “three conservative ideas buried […]

  6. Hey Greg,

    Yesterday, another very conservative friend of mine remarked at how idiotic some liberals were, and pointed to a post to back up his claim, and it too was obvious nonsense, which some fact checking revealed to be another case of “parody”.

    I got to wondering.

    I wonder how often extreme “liberal” views are really being posted by conservatives who claim “parody” when fact checked. Is that a euphemism for propaganda and miss-information? It was a common tactic during the cold war. I wonder how often extreme “conservative” views are likewise “parody” by liberals.

    I used to think Rush Limbaugh was parody until I realized people really believed him. But I still doubt he believes himself. I wonder if he even knows the difference between parody and opinion. I suppose he gets paid the same either way. But I digress.

    The point is, at some point you have to just stand back and recognize bovine excrement for what it is, not a “liberal” or “conservative” view or position, but an attempt to get conservatives to attack liberals, or liberals to attack conservatives.

    I inherently resent anyone who tries to instigate me to attack someone.

    I think we need to set our bovine excrement meters to a higher sensitivity mode.

    • Jodie,

      As you know, I have been suckered in by parody from time to time. I am always embarrassed by it. But the disturbing thing is that parody often seems plausible these days.

      In political debates I am happy to discuss the issues at hand, but what too often happens is someone misquotes what someone else said, or even invents it completely out of whole cloth. So the argument degenerates into — well, you know. Both sides do it and it is impossible to even have a discussion.

      This is all part of the reason I want to reduce the role of government (politics) in our lives to the bare minimum. In my experience, people in business do not want to hear spin. They have a personal stake in getting things right, so they are eager to hear contrarian views. People in public policy rarely have to live under the remedies they propose and will not be held to account for failure.

      Consider public housing. Who ever came up with the idea of taking the poorest, least functional people in a community and jamming them together in poorly constructed buildings? How many lives were destroyed by Cabrini Green? But the whiz kids who proposed this never had to live in these building and were never held accountable for the disaster.

      I don’t think it is possible to fix political spin and distortion. It has always been there. All we can do is reduce its importance in our lives.

  7. Thanks Greg,

    I would suggest returning the role of the American government to >serving< the people, rather than ruling the people. Restore the vision of the American Revolution of government as a "public servant".

    The issue we have right now is a government that is at the service of big business (America's business is business?) and big business is many things but it is not about serving the public. The marriage of big business and government has another name. So that is where this thing of Public Housing your are talking about goes awry. It starts out well intended enough, but it gets poisoned by the business of making a profit out of it.

    (perhaps only non profits should be allowed to bid on such projects)

    I haven't given up on the principle of government at the service of the public. But I am sick and tired of the big business "conspiracy" to manipulate and use the government as a cash cow. Trillions of dollars that just winds up in the hands of ever wealthier executives and stock holders, and pennies on the dollar actually fulfilling the end goal, whether it be defense, public housing, health care, transportation, whatever.

    It's the kind of thing that leads to social unrest and revolutions.

  8. This is fun. Too bad we don’t live closer so we could do it in person. I agree completely with most of that. But I think you err in confining the problem to “big business.” The problem with public housing wasn’t in execution but in concept. It would not have made any difference if the buildings had been constructed by public employees. It was still concentrating society’s least functional people in cages.

    I would add the AFDC program (and many many others). Recipients were prohibited from having men in the house, including fathers. I knew social workers who would inspect the mother’s home for any sign of a male presence. And then we wonder what destroyed low income families.

    And it isn’t solely “big business” that seeks out favors and protection from competition. Consider the AMA or the AHA or the NEA or AARP. All use government to protect their special interests.

    The common denominator here is government picking winners and losers.

    • The government may be the common denominator, but it might be much more like a dead zebra is the common denomination when a pride of lions attacks.

      Seriously, from what I have witnessed first hand, it seems more likely that our government, as a representative of the public, is a victim rather than the perp. Take Lockheed Martin for example. Their executive team is a retirement plan for military brass. They get any amount of cash they want from the government. But the employees share of that cash is less and less, and the executives share is more and more. Just a simple comparison of IQs will suggest that when it comes to members of big business and the members of Congress, Congress is outgunned, outflanked, and outsmarted every step of the way.

      A government at the service of the public is the public’s only hope at pushing back and getting a fair shake. And the government is the only entity that has the charter to protect and promote the common good.

      So it is in the best interest of big business to weaken the government even more. And to put in office only the people they can control. Which they do easily by flooding with cash the campaign funds of their candidates and their own propositions.

      Does it apply to small business? Probably not so much. Less the smaller they get.

      So I think that we the public would be better served by protecting and uplifting our government, and spending our efforts not in tearing it down, but in restoring it to its original goals and values as invented by the American Revolution. This other monster, and it is a monster, is the very thing the American Revolution is designed to overcome.

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